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Agency Arms Titanium AOS Optic Mounting Screws

Manufacturer: Agency Arms
These flame colorized titanium screws are for mounting your Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C/508T to your AOS plate.
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These are replacement screws to mount your OPTIC to your AOS Optic Plate


The package includes:

2 Screws


These screws will not work for those who have dedicated optic cuts. It is specifically used to mount optics to an AOS Optic Plate


 Recommended Torque Specs: 10-12 inch lbs with a tiny bit of blue loctite.

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Agency Arms Trijicon® RMR AOS Plate

This plate is made specifically for the Trijicon RMR optic footprint. It comes with the adapter plate, a set of screws to mount the plate to your AOS milled slide, and a pair of screws to mount the optic to the plate.


AOS Trijicon® RMR Plate sold as a single plate in either Rear Iron Forward of the RMR or Rear Iron Behind the RMR

Includes fasteners for the adapter plate and optic.

Recommended Torque Specs for Plate Screws: 8-10 inch lbs with a tiny bit of blue loctite.

Recommended Torque Specs for Optic Screws: 10-12 inch lbs with a tiny bit of blue loctite.

Please note: While the 507C/508T have the same footprint as the Trijicon RMR, it utilizes shorter fasteners. If you are purchasing this plate to install on a 507C/508T, you will need to purchase shorter screws here


Agency Arms Titanium RMR Screws

Titanium screws for mounting a Trijicon RMR on an Agency Slide. For Glock®: (1 Long Screw and 1 Shortened Screw) They are installed by placing the long screw on the left and the short screw on the right. Please do not install them in reverse or it will cause your weapon to fail to extract rounds properly. For M&P: (2 Equal length screws)

Agency Arms +5 Basepad for SIG P320

Agency Arms magazine extensions not only increase your magazine capacity, they are also designed with functional features that aid in one-handed manipulations. This basepad is specifically designed for 17rd magazines and is compatible with the Agency Arms X-Series Magwell and the factory magwell from SIG.

Agency Arms Titanium AOS Plate Screws

These flame colorized titanium screws are for mounting your AOS adapter plate to your slide.