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Atlas Gunworks Optic Plate ACRO

Manufacturer: Atlas Gunworks
Precision made optic plate for Aimpoint ACRO with rear sight insert
Availability: In stock
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  • Athena
  • Artemis
  • Erebus
  • Nyx Optics
  • Aimpoint ACRO P1/P2
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Atlas Gunworks 120mm Slidelock 2011 Magazine (9mm) 16 Rounds

After years of development, the Atlas Gunworks lineup of double stack magazines are designed and engineered to greatly improve feeding in all double stack 2011's, achieve reliable lockback, and work with all modular grip double stacks in 9mm.



  • Double Stack
  • 9mm (also .38 super/comp)
  • Officer Frame Compatible
  • 16 Rounds
  • Stainless Steel or DLC Finish
  • Aluminum base pad (black, blue, grey, or red)


***Please note these 120mm magazines are designed to be used with non-Atlas firearms. They will not properly function in conjunction with an Atlas Firearm including the Ares***

Atlas Gunworks 20 Round 9MM Standard Magazine 140MM

The Atlas Gunworks Standard Magazines are available in 17 and 20-round configurations. We recommend standard magazines to shooters looking for a tough magazine that feeds awesome and locks back reliably in most modular 1911 double stack and 2011 style pistols, including Staccato and Springfield Prodigy. Sale not allowed in Washington; Vermont; Rhode Island; New Jersey; New York; Massachusetts; Maryland; Hawaii; District of Columbia; Delaware; Connecticut; Colorado; California; Illinois