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SVI Infinity IED 1911 9mm Gold/Black

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The latest Strayer Voigt Inc. Infinity to drop on Reactive Gunworks, this 9mm IED comes in polished DLC with intricate gold accents on a government sized frame and a 5" barrel. The polished 140mm Supercomp magazine has a competition follower and 3mm aluminum basepad.
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Full Specs:

Template Name:                     Infinity Govt Length - Wide Body
Slide Material:                        Carbon Steel
Front Sight:                            Red Fiber Optic .100 wide x 1.5mm
Rear Sight:                             Infinity Rear Sight Absolute Target Zero
Barrel:                                     Sight Tracker Rib Barrel
Barrel Length:                       5
Barrel Style:                           Hybrid
Caliber:                                   9 x 19
Compensator:                         None
Trigger Bow:                          Titanium
Trigger Color:                        Black
Trigger Insert Style:              Curved Medium
Triglide System:                     Yes
Grip Material:                        Carbon Steel
Metal Grip Mag Catch:         Left Side Checkered Magazine Release Button
Metal Grip Magwell:             Steel - MicroPockets
Trigger Guard - New:           Under Cut (For Higher Grip)
Trigger Guard Profile:          Infinity Traditional Square (ITS) (Most Common)
Hammer:                                 Triple Xcelerated QB
Dust Cover:                            Infinity Extended Dust Cover
Frame Material:                     Carbon Steel
Frame Style:                           Competition (Wide body)
Grip Safety:                            Carbon Steel
Slide Lock Pin:                       Carbon Steel
Strut:                                       Titanium
Thumb Safety Material:        Carbon Steel
Thumb Safety Style:              Ambidextrous Wide
Gun type:                                Government (5 inch)
Infinity IMM Open:               No (typical)
Pistol Finish:                           Polished DLC and TiN

Products specifications
Caliber 9MM
Color Black
Model Infinity IED