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Icarus Precision 365 MACRO "B-ACE" Pads

Manufacturer: Icarus Precision
Currently available in Black Anodize
Availability: Out of stock
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The "MACRO" B-ACE pad for the ACE 365 MACRO line is the finishing touch to Icarus MACRO builds (Icarus Sub MACRO, Icarus XMACRO, Icarus XL+ MACRO and OEM MACRO grip modules) . CNC machined from billet aluminum, the Icarus B-ACE pad adds weight down low, grip extension with better reload functionality/stripability and matching aesthetics to further enhance the unmistakable look of an Icarus Precision MACRO module.

Weight = 0.9 oz ea

Coating Type: Matte Black [Ano Type 3 Class 2] or Fire Bronze [Ano Type 2 Class 2] ***subtle to moderate tint differences are possible/to be expected between coating batches***

Designed EXCLUSIVELY for use with "MACRO" size OEM mags ONLY [B-ACE pad does NOT add any additional round capacity] ***NOT designed for use with any "other" P365 mag; MACRO (17 round) mags ONLY***

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For GLOCK G19™ GEN1-5, G19X™, and G45™